Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tired Tires Inspiration

When I started cutting up worn bike tires, there was no way to predict how this was gonna turn out.  As I started to place the treads in various designs, I began to see mountain ranges.  I am fascinated by the mountains.  Even as I child, my face would be plastered to the window on winter trips to Angel Fire, NM.  In my early twenties I found out for myself, the mountains of  New Mexico are like hills compared to the San Juan Mountains.   I would get hypnotized by thoughts of summer hikes up the continental divide and snowshoeing at Molas Pass.  Only when you are trekking can you really take in a 360 degree view.   To be humbled by nature's grandeur.

The tribal design was only by accident.  It wasn't until I was half way through with the design that I was told it looked tribal. 

Upcycled Magazine Holders

These old cardboard magazine holders were on the way to the trash.  To give them a new look, I covered them with recycled paper.

Vintage Ski Poles

These ski poles were purchased at an antique store in Walsenburg, CO.  After doing some research, I found out they were used by Ecko Jarvinen in the 1928 olympics (the 1st official winter olympics).  At the 1928 winter olympics, he finished fourth in the nortic combined competition and 22nd in the ski jump competition.  He also competed in the military patrol event which was held as a demonstration sport and finished second with the Finnish team.  He won an individual bronze at the 1929 FIS Nordic World Ski Championship in Zakopane.