Friday, January 6, 2012

The Adventurous Design

I'm always excited to design outside my medium.  So when Ben, a St. Louis real estate developer and entrepreneur, asked me to create his graphic designer girlfriend, Kelly, Christmas wish list, I was very excited.  I met Ben and Kelly at FORM Contemporary Design Show in August 2011.   Right away you know these folks are cool people. The universe aligned once more for us to enjoy a few beers at the Portland based, Deschutes Brewery.
The best way to describe this couple is bliss, energy, adventure.  They are so adoring of each other, your first instinct would be nausea.  But I can honestly say, their synergy is convincing to never settle for anything else when it comes to love. Ben wanted nothing less than to give his free spirited love exactly what she wanted.  

 The order was a mirror on a stand and a linen hamper that could double as a table or stool.  Color scheme was greys and purples.  It was important that the designs be made with reclaimed materials.  The results are made with garage door pipe, salvaged door, vintage seed container, salvaged plywood, lots of paint and little creativity. The only thing I wasn't please with was blizzard that prevented us from making it to St. Louis for Kelly's big surprise.

Ben and Kelly are always on the go.  Seeking experience and adventure in their in everyday lives.  Ironically, these gifts have seen the dusty, flats of West Texas,  the snowy mountains of Taos, New Mexico, and the chaos of interstate 40 on a very snowy, icy day.  Soon will find themselves in Kelly's hip urban loft.  At that time be fastened with the mirrors that reflect her natural beauty.


On December 19th, Tommy and I left Taos hoping to beat the storm and make our arrival in St. Louis by 6pm the next day.  That was the plan... Mother nature however had different plans for us.  About 20 miles south of Santa Fe, NM she began unleash her fury.  I've experienced white knuckled, white out road trips many times before.  So I wasn't scared, yet.  West of Santa Rosa, I received assistance from two TCU college kids that helps me apply emergency duct tape my windshield wiper  We arrived in Tucumcari around 5pm to three semi trucks stuck on the off ramp.  So we kept trucking to San Jon for petrol.  Around 7pm we hit a jack knifed FedEx truck which lead to two hours of multiple engine starts to keep the Tahoe warm. At one point, Tommy suggested rolling down the window so I might have the right words to get the traffic moving.  My suggestions may not have been appropriate for the ears of a four year old.  Ten o clock we arrive in Adrian, TX to a road closure.  The trail of exiting vehicles lead us to the town's COOP. The locals kindly offered up sleeping arrangements on cots in the COOP or a church pew at the United Methodist Church.  There are moments in your life when you feel small, humbled and powerless.  This was one of those moments.  As I observed the dark, silence of families trying to rest with coats as blankets, I felt so grateful for the kindness of others.  I've never felt so sure of things going "wrong" as a message.  Often I wonder if my fellow travels also felt a shift in their lives after that night. 

As dusk approached I took notice of the road conditions. It was a sheet of ice and only a few eighteen wheelers on the road.  Slow and steady wins the race, right?  An additional two hours landed us in Amarillo at 10am.  Generally a 5 hour drive to Amarillo, we arrived in just under 24 hours.  At 6pm we would not be in St. Louis.  A great sadness.  That surprising moment for Kelly wouldn't come to fruition. No matter for this couple though.  Kelly was very touch by the great lengths Ben went to.  

I'm so grateful for the experiences in my life that have lead to friendship.  In this case, my first contemporary design show led me to St. Louis, MO.  I fell in love with the city but most of all the people.       


Thursday, January 20, 2011

2010 In the Beginning

In February of 2010, I made the command decision to finally follow my dream.  Coming up on my one year mark of a life change, its difficult not to reflect.  What a crazy year!!

Never did I plan on working with metal.  As I thought about what type of designs I would design and construct, it was all reclaimed or upcycled plans.  In April, I offered to make a table out of bike rims for the 24 Hours in the Canyon silent auction.  This table is the only table I've bolted together.  A special thanks goes to Wellborn Signs for the fiberglass top. 

Shortly after I asked a good friend to help me weld the first group of tables.  A few weeks later, I bought a welder and with a little instruction from my dad, I created the next five tables. 

My designs have been shown in the Nest since May 2010.  Kasey Robinson has created a great collection of eco-friendly and vintage furnishings.  Including many local and regional artists. 

Shortly after I created three lights for the Ground.  Once again, I found myself going in a direction with my designs I hadn't planned on. My lighting has become my biggest sellers.
In August, I made the move back to the farm.  Which has inspired me to work with old farm parts and equipment.  Of course, I miss my friends in Amarillo but the solitude has been so beneficial in starting my business. 

September 11th I had my first public showing.  I had the opportunity to show in AMoA's Recycled Art Show and Festival.  There is something very exciting and humbling about showing your work. 

November First Friday Art Walk my designs were shown at Tornado Gallery and the opening night of Sandstorm Glassworks.  And the next week was my first showing at Downtown Art Market.  Which is a monthly art and farmers market at Tornado Gallery.  I am so blessed for the relationships I have made in the Lubbock art community because of this gallery. 

On December 18th, Tommy and I made our way to Taos, NM for a three week stay.  Attempting to pack every design I had and a three week supply, I must have looked like a hillbilly.   The choices I made in my business plan have made it possible to travel so I may show my designs and have adventures with my son.

While in Taos, I met several gallery owners and found a home at FaFa's aka My Beautiful Life.  In April, I'll return for their Recycle Art Show.  

    I also contribute some of my success to Etsy.  Though I haven't spent as much time marketing on Etsy as many of my fellow artist.  I just have my first purchase this past week from a Park City, UT designer.  My designs will be on display at Art Sundance Cafe.  She has also requested I design a bench made of bike parts for the front entrance.

Upon returning to Texas, I have been asked to teach a recycled art class for Our Club, a Texas Tech Alumni Club; show with the talented artist, Linda Cullum; and to stage settings for SB Designs and Photography.

I currently have four large designs on order, DOM, First Friday's, April shows, and Etsy.  So with a little help from friends, I'm challenging myself to create 40 new designs by April 1st.

It's hard to not feel like I'm a running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  But when I look at my past year, there is no way I could have done it without passion.  I absolutely love the direction my life is going.  With the grace of God, I've endured, accomplished and loved the first year of business.   

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Discount at the Nest

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Hassles

With the holiday season creeping up on us, it seems overwelming to think of all that needs to be done. 
 Sorting through those old decorations... Fighting the crowds at Hobby Lobby... Finding the time to transform your home or office for that holiday party... And of course after New Years Day, time to put it all away for next year.
We offer many options to ease the stress of holiday decorating.  Wether you're wanting to turn the entire decorating project over or just wanting assistance with theme.
ReMain Eco Designs is here to help! 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Leather Pins

The holidays are just around the corner.  These unique pins will go fast.  Because recycled items are used, quanties are limited. 

Only $15 each.  Free shipping on purchases over $5o as well as free gift wrapping.